SELECT Safety Communications and FMCA Program!

Now FMCA members get discounted pricing to our cloud-based safety communications system!

Given the challenges that Fort McMurray has faced this past year, most business budgets are extremely tight. Many of our members are just not able to spend money on additional services pertaining to safety - particularly in the realm of communications (posters, templates, graphics, content development, etc.). As we all know, communication is key to a safe work environment for both employees and the general public - especially for those of you who are involved with the rebuild work. However, outsourcing safety communications services can be both expensive and time consuming.

To better assist our members with this challenge, we have teamed up with Select Safety Communications - a company specializing in the efficient development of safety communications materials. We have negotiated an EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED MONTHLY RATE for this program and it's currently exclusive to FMCA MEMBERS. The program is designed to act as a collective resource for all members - meaning all members who sign up for the program will have the opportunity to provide input into what communications materials are created (signage, rebuild topics, toolbox talks, safety newsletters, etc.). You are also provided with a set of custom designed templates that incorporate your organization's brand, so creating your own professional materials is much easier and efficient. All templates work with a cloud-based safety communications management system, and anything you create is automatically converted to PDF, sent to your email and stored in your online account for future review/use.

The program is expected to launch on September 15, 2016, but right now we are looking for feedback from our members. If you could take a few minutes and just let us know if you would be interested in this type of program, and what type of safety communications needs you currently have (toolbox talks, safety newsletters, training cards, graphics, handouts, etc.), we would appreciate it. After we collect feedback from members, we will tweak the existing program to ensure it's exactly what you need.

As it stands, the program is designed to include:

  •   A set of professionally designed communications templates (Toolbox Talk, Safety Alert, Newsletter) that work with our cloud-based safety communications management system.
  • A monthly safety newsletter (setup on a professionally designed template with your logo and contact information) which will include both general and specific information to Fort McMurray.
  • A daily Toolbox Talk which includes general messaging, but also info pertaining to Fort McMurray like weather hazards, etc. The toolbox talk is automatically setup on a professionally designed template with your logo and contact information.
  • Full access to a cloud-based safety communications management system which enables you to store, create and edit safety communications materials including Toolbox Talks, Safety Alerts, Safety Newsletters, Posters, Signage and Safety Campaign Materials!
  • Monthly safety campaign materials (Toolbox Talk, newsletter, poster, safety meeting PowerPoint package, graphics, etc.)
  • Complete access to our library of safety messaging
  • Five custom tasks per month (message development, signage design, graphic development, training cards, handouts, custom graphics, etc.)
  • Access to our safety graphics library

The program will be offered at a discounted rate of $350 per month, which is far less than the cost of outsourcing these types of projects on a regular basis, or even paying a full-time employee to complete them. This resource is meant to save you money and also save time for those who currently handle your safety communications work so they can spend more time on the important tasks - like being in the field and overseeing work to ensure it's completed safely!

We certainly hope you find value in this program, and we would appreciate your feedback about how valuable you would find a program like this to be for your business. Please direct all feedback and questions to

Thanks in advance for your help!

FMCA and SELECT Safety Communications