How Does It Work?

Simply stated, we make Toolbox Talk development EASY! To see for yourself, just click below to watch the tutorial video. We will walk you through the editing process.

Please note, you will need Acrobat DC to edit the sample PDF.

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Try Editing Our Sample

Curious to see how our editable Toolbox Talks work? Simply click on the link below to download a sample.

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Are you tired of writing Toolbox Talks? Wouldn't it be nice if these documents were already created for you? Well, keep reading...

Whether you're a safety person or a business owner, the development of Toolbox Talks can be a time consuming task that many people just don't have the time for.  You spend hours searching the Internet for relevant topics, but most times you find the same old boring content. When you find the topic, you have to copy and paste it into a Word document, which is always near impossible to format. The graphics jump around, the font size changes, the content mysteriously splits on to two pages...what a mess! We understand how frustrating this can be.

If you're tired of wasting time trying to develop Toolbox Talks then you need a different approach.

For the past 10 years, we have been writing Toolbox Talks (and other safety-related materials) for businesses of all sizes in North America. Given our years of experience, we have identified many ways to make this process much easier to complete. We utilize our skills in Graphic Design and Communications to take the pain out of this process for you by doing all the hard work. How? Well, I'm glad you asked...

Every season, we put together a safety resource package relevant to the season. We have found this to be effective since many people work outdoors for a living, and the weather has a huge impact on their safety at work. Once we've established our theme and performed our topic research, we create a professionally designed template in PDF format. All fields are editable so you can easily upload your logo, edit the content, and change the images if you would like! Our editable templates correct all the issues you have with creating these in a Word document, since the text fields are already formatted for font/size and placement. All you have to do is click, edit and save the document. It's just that easy!

What are people saying about our Toolbox Talks and Safety Graphics? See for yourself:

"What a great idea!"
Gerald Thompson, Alberta

"This product saves me so much time - thank you!"
Tina Needham, Ontario

"I love the templates AND the graphics! They are professional and super easy to use."
Sharon Steele, Alberta

The Spring season is in full effect, so what are you waiting for?

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